Before and After, Cap Replacement

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Pictured above at the left is the factory version of the S-38E and at the right is how it looked after the new parts were installed. In the lower left side of the right picture, can be seen the new and much smaller filter caps that were installed on a new four terminal strip soldered to the chassis. I clipped the red, blue and yellow leads of the old cap, next to the body of the cap, and used those leads to tie to the new terminal strip where I installed the replacement caps. The small 20 MFD @ 25 VDC cap, was part of the large original filter, but I installed it directly on the 50C5 tube with its minus wire going over to the minus of the new terminal strip where I mounted the 60 MFD and two 40 MFD caps. Don't touch the large brown wire running across the chassis from the upper left to the lower right. See more on this in the section titled, "DON"T TOUCH THIS WIRE" elsewhere on this web site. Also don't neglect the resistors. I found one 470K resistor that had increased to over 582K. Many can be checked in circuit but if you suspect one being bad, simply lift one end while testing. Hallicrafters seems to have had an oversupply of solder as they used much more than needed on every joint. You'll need plenty of solder braid to suck up all that extra and make a clean joint.