From Junk To Reborn, A Happy Ending To This Tale

Above left are the parts replaced to make this S-38E work again. Those parts are listed below. Look at that rope someone tried to use to make a dial cord. On the right is how the radio looked as it waited to be re-installed in its case. The small sloping panel, holding the three red slide switches had broken loose from the chassis and needed to be electrically isolated. Two small plastic screws and nuts from the specialty screw section at my local building supply, put it solidly back in place. Also, whoever had switched the rectifier and audio output tubes in their sockets, damaged the 50C5 and it needed replacement. The two pointer needles were both badly bent but some careful bending and new paint fixed that. A little time at the alignment bench, some careful cleaning of the cabinet, a new back cover and bottom and this radio is ready for a few more years of listening. Once about ready for the scrap barrel, now it's playing like new and with its modern parts, is probably electronically better than new.

Refurbished and with stylish knobs from Radio Shack, this S-38E once dead, is now looking really great.

Parts Needed To Restore -
1 - 50C5 audio output tube
1 - new polarized line cord
1 - 2 feet heavy dial cord
1 - dial cord spring
1 - 4 terminal strip
4 - new rubber feet
4 - plastic screws for switch panel
1 - 470,000 ohm 1/2 watt resistor
2 - .01 tubular @ 630 V
3. .022 tubular @ 630 V
1 - .003 tubular @ 630 V
2 - .05 tubular @630 V
1 - 20 MFD electrolytic @ 25 VDC
1 - 60 MFD electrolytic @ 160 VDC
2 - 40 MFD electrolytic @ 160 VDC
1 - Assorted elbow grease
1 - Several hours of patience

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