After The Changes

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Below is the rebuilt S-38D. Note the large brown wire going from the upper left to the lower right. I had to slightly change the positioning of the end of this wire so that it wrapped around the wire going from the 1st IF to pin 4 of the 12SG7 IF Amp tube. This improved the feedback (BFO). After this change, with careful tuning of the bandspread control, SSB could now be copied in the ham bands, not great, but this radio was never meant to copy SSB. The green wire wrapping around the brown wire at the bottom center of the picture, can also be wrapped tighter for better CW and SSB. (See the pages on restoring CW to E models) I added a polarized AC plug as discussed elsewhere on this web site. The right pointing arrow points to the 470K resistor that previously attached to the on/off switch and now mounts on a new 1 terminal strip at the up pointing arrow. Both the black wire and resistor that connected to the same terminal on the switch, were moved to the same connection on the new terminal strip.

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