Start your mods by carefully removing the old internal parts. Remove and save the two small bolts holding the SO239 in place, one the bottom end. I like to use a hack saw and carefully cut around the tubing, using care not to cut the wires inside. The picture shows the two bolts and the cap removed after the first cut. On early W2AU baluns, I've found that the SO239 will not slide down the inside of the white PVC so you may have to make your first cut in the end cap and then unsolder the connector. You can then look down inside the PVC to see where you are cutting. Remove the rest of the white PVC with another cut. Now you can reach down inside the top cap and hold the nuts while backing out the eyebolts from the outside. Save all parts for re-use on the new unit. The top eyebolt and grounding strap are not used in the new unit.

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