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Three of the six models. L to R, Hallicrafters S-38D, S-38C, S-38E

Is your Hallicrafters S-38 a potential killer?


Setup to service your Hallicrafters S-38's

My simple Hallicrafters S-38C renewal

My simple Hallicrafters S-38D renewal

A Hallicrafters S-38E back from the dead

No CW on your E model? Look at this.

Troubled by rust? Click here.

Troubled by paint spots? Click here.

Rebuilding an old S-38, does much more than restore a vintage radio. The warm glow of those tubes in a darkened room, brings back my many great memories of far away places in the days long before satellites and computers.

Hallicrafters S-38 Comparison Chart

Hallicrafters S-38 Photos

Back covers of S-38's

Missing your bottom label? Look here.

Look at some of my S-38's

Some of my antique radios

My SWL desk

My Ham radio desk

My service bench

For Hams, my mod for W2AU baluns

Neat suppliers and other neat web sites

Replace Your Safety Line Cap

Learn How Your Radio Works

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